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Excellence in British Education

Excellence in British Education at Coruña British International School

The School follows the English National Curriculum and is fully accredited by the Galician government. This unique combination means we can offer a fully bilingual education from the age of three. 
The British education system is world-renowned for its quality and emphasis on a values-based education. Students learn by doing, getting involved in projects and experiments that put theory into practice. 

We tailor our teaching methods to the abilities of each student, making sure that every child thrives, no matter where they are in their learning journey. In this way, each child can achieve his or her full potential. 


Students as individuals

Educational achievement is key to our philosophy, but we think beyond pure academic success. The British education system encourages students to explore the world around them, be curious about how things work, ask questions, apply critical thinking skills, and respect fellow students and teachers alike. Teamwork and communication skills form a key foundation to all our educational programmes. Additionally, all students are encouraged to become socially, ethically and environmentally aware.

We aim to prepare students for life after school, teaching them skills that will help them to succeed in secondary school, further education and the workplace. Learning experiences also take place outside the classroom; assemblies, cultural events and fun educational trips provide further opportunities to learn and develop. 

Beyond the classroom

Life at Coruña British International School is not always about lessons. We have a full programme of extracurricular activities that enrich the daily lives of our students, including cultural trips, sport, music and academic activities. In addition, we partner with other Globeducate schools to offer international exchanges and take part in inter-school events with Globeducuate schools from around the world. 




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Excellence does not only mean academic achievement. 

Slow education

We live in a society of immediacy, of haste, of speed. We live for and to reach our destination, but it seems that we have forgotten that enjoying the journey is what should come first. In today's fast-paced world, 'slow education' has emerged as an alternative; an educational concept that aims to give back to our children the advantages of forgetting about the goal and enjoying the journey.

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Educating for sustainability

Surely you have heard the question of what kind of world you like to leave your children? and it is precisely this question that has made you become aware of the importance of sustainability for the environment. At Coruña British International School we are very aware of the importance of teaching about sustainability, as we believe that it is essential to change the future.

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Growing up with courage

Educating is a social responsibility because, one day, our children will have to go out into the world to make it, if possible, a better place. How can we help our children say no to injustice or abuse, to not let themselves be carried away by a negative influence, to be brave so that they learn to respect themselves and to respect others?

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