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The value of extracurricular activities

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Discover the benefits of extracurricular activities.

Extracurricular activities are an integral part of the educational experience beyond the classroom. These activities provide students with valuable opportunities to explore their interests, develop skills and create meaningful connections with their peers. At Coruña British International School, we understand that education is much more than what happens inside the classroom. For this reason, we offer a full and varied programme of extra-curricular activities for all our students, from Reception upwards. Our aim is to complement the core curriculum with enriching experiences that give students the opportunity to acquire new skills and enhance those they already possess. Every child is unique and has different talents and abilities, some as yet undiscovered. Our maxim is that through our academic, sporting, artistic and creative activities, students can explore and discover their hidden talents.

Benefits of extracurricular activities

At Coruña British International School, we believe in offering a wide range of options so that every student finds activities to suit their interests and passions. Every year, we update and improve our extracurricular activities programme to stay at the forefront of educational trends and ensure that our students have access to the best opportunities for development. From sports and artistic activities to academic and creative options, there is something for every student in our catalogue of activities.

Extracurricular activities provide opportunities for students to develop additional skills that are not always emphasised in the classroom. Whether through leadership in a student club or the practice of an artistic skill, after-school activities foster personal growth and the development of individual talents.

Participating in extracurricular activities can have a positive impact on academic performance. The time management, discipline and concentration skills acquired through these activities can help students excel in their studies.

Many extracurricular activities, such as team sports or collaborative projects, promote teamwork and cooperation. Students learn to communicate effectively, share responsibilities and support their teammates.

Practising some extracurricular activities gives students the opportunity to make new friends and build meaningful relationships outside the classroom. This can be especially beneficial for students who may feel more shy or introverted in an academic environment.

Undoubtedly, extracurricular activities offer an escape from academic stress and provide students with a way to relax and have fun. This can help improve emotional well-being and mental health.

After-school activities: which one should I choose for my child?

The range of extra-curricular activities we offer at our school is wide and diverse, allowing students to find options to suit their individual interests and passions.


From tennis and basketball to swimming and gymnastics, sports offer students the opportunity to be physically active, learn sporting skills and develop camaraderie with their peers. Physical and mental well-being is an essential part of a student's overall development. From chess and judo to volleyball and athletics, our students can explore a variety of sports and develop skills that will stay with them throughout their lives.

Arts and Music

For those students who wish to explore their creative side, our arts and creative activities are the ideal choice. From vocal and choral skills to drama, art and dance, we provide a nurturing environment for students to develop and enhance their artistic talents. In addition, our piano and arts and crafts Club provide unique opportunities for students to explore their creativity in different forms of expression.

Academic Clubs

 At Coruña British International School, we encourage all our students to expand their horizons and seek new knowledge. Therefore, we offer additional academic activities like our STEM club and youtube and video making club allowing our students to immerse themselves in new technologies and learn valuable skills. In addition, options such as Debate Club and Robotics encourage critical thinking and problem solving, preparing our students to face the challenges of today's world.

Volunteering and Community Service

Participating in community service activities gives students the possibility to contribute positively to society and develop a sense of social responsibility. We strongly believe that the active involvement of families is vital for a happy school life and the academic success of students. Therefore, throughout the year, we organise various events and activities in which the whole family can participate and enjoy. These events strengthen the bonds between the school community and create precious memories that last a long time.

 After-school activities: tips for making the most of them

  1. Find your passions: Explore different activities with your children, taking into account their age, to discover what they are passionate about and in which areas they would like to develop further.
  2. Manage your time: Balance your academic and extracurricular commitments to avoid stress and burnout.
  3. Set goals: Define objectives for your extracurricular activities and work towards them with determination.
  4. Be committed: Actively participate in your chosen activities and be consistent in your attendance and participation.
  5. Enjoy the process: Make the most of every experience and have fun as you develop and grow.

Extracurricular activities are an essential part of the educational experience and offer a wide range of benefits for students. From skills development to team building and emotional well-being, these activities complement classroom learning and contribute to the holistic development of students. By making the most of the opportunities offered and following their interests and passions, students can experience significant growth that will prepare them for a bright future.

Discover a world of possibilities through our extracurricular activities!

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