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Robotics extracurriculars in A Coruña

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Robotics extracurriculars in Coruña British International School: our offer

One of the areas in which today's society, and therefore also education, is gradually adapting is that of new technologies. The fact is that the world is increasingly dependent on them in order to move forward. Therefore, introducing children to their world during their educational stage is a plus that will be good for the future and robotics extracurriculars are a good way to achieve this.

New technologies cover many areas and fields, but undoubtedly one of the most demanded (and will continue to be so in the future) is the one that has to do with robotics. Therefore, robotics extracurricular activities are a good option for all families who want their children to become familiar with this world and, thus, have a plus of recognition and understanding in this area as they grow up and have to enter the working world.

Robotics extracurriculars: what do they offer students?

Robotics extracurricular activities in A Coruña (and around the world) allow students to have the opportunity to get involved in hands-on projects that go beyond the classroom. Through experimentation, they will be able to extrapolate everything they have learned to other areas where it is equally necessary.

From building simple robots to programming more complex systems, kids will have the opportunity to experience firsthand how emerging technologies work. This hands-on approach, not only allows them to apply concepts they learn in class, but also fosters their motivation to explore STEM subjects in a deeper and more meaningful way. And, who knows, perhaps they will also pursue them during their higher academic life.

In addition to fostering teamwork, imagination and creativity, robotics extracurricular activities have a positive impact on students' academic performance. Many studies have already shown that participating in after-school programs involving STEM subjects can improve math and science performance, as well as increase motivation and commitment to learning. By providing kids with a hands-on, stimulating learning environment, robotics activities can help bridge the gap between theory and practice, leading to improved academic performance.

Robotics extracurriculars

Robotics extracurricular activities in A Coruña: Options at Coruña British International School

Knowing all the benefits of robotics extracurricular activities, at Coruña British International School we embrace them by offering different activities that have to do with this world. Activities that are amongst the favorites of our students. Let's see what all the families have available in our school:

  • New technologies club: an extracurricular robotic activity in A Coruña in which the little ones explore areas of new technologies, amongst which are robotics, programming or even web design. It is available for children from early years onwards, always adapting the content to their level of development. For example, the youngest children will be exposed to the first forms of coding with the use of Bee Bots, games and stories.
  • Robotics and programming: Robotics I: this robotics extracurricular is perfect to start getting familiar with this subject. We work with Bee Bots (a small educational robot designed to develop basic programming skills), Matatalab, an educational and leisure robot that encourages children from the age of three to learn the basics of programming, or with LEGO Education's WeDO, an educational platform that allows the use of simple sensors that connect to the computer.
  • Robotics and programming: Robotics II: For children between the ages of six and ten, this extracurricular robotics activity allows students to get involved in projects applicable to the real world. We work with visual programming languages, the LEGO WeDo 2.0 platform or CODE.ORG (to learn how to program).
  • Robotics and programming: Robotics III: for those over ten years old we propose this robotics extracurricular activity in A Coruña, which is a continuation of the two previous ones. We work with LEGO EV3 Mindstorms, a line of robotics for children that was created as a result of the collaboration between LEGO and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). We also work with ARDUINO, a platform designed to facilitate the use of electronics in multidisciplinary projects.

After-school robotics: a challenge for the future

Although they have infinite developments, robotics afterschool activities still have challenges to face in terms of accessibility and equity. Not all students have access to robotics programs in their schools or communities, which can create disparities in access to educational opportunities. It is important that we work to ensure that all students have the same opportunities, regardless of their geographic location or socioeconomic status.

With the right support, robotics extracurricular activities can be a driving force for educational development in the 21st century.

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