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Robotics as an extracurricular activity

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Robotics and artificial intelligence are changing our societies. The outlook for 2025 is that they will affect millions of jobs.

Robotics and artificial intelligence are changing our societies while affecting people's fundamental rights. At the same time, they are considered to be the fields of greatest economic development in the 21st century. The outlook for 2025 is that they will affect millions of jobs. According to figures from the World Economic Forum, some 75 million jobs will be destroyed, but another 133 million will be created, for which very specific training and robust knowledge are required.

Working with educational robotics reinforces students' formal hypothetical deductive thinking. They have to use programming languages to solve problems by exploring with their robots modelled scenarios that represent the space where the solutions must be found. This is why at Coruña British International School we offer robotics as an extracurricular activity, which gives students the opportunity to learn to programme robots to carry out small tasks and combines the development of technological and scientific skills with creative, decision-making and problem-solving challenges.

Robotics in schools

A primary school teacher who works with educational robotics stated that "it is a motivating tool that gets more attention from students and helps to acquire or reinforce different contents, both in mathematics and in other areas that we teach in the classroom: interpretation of instructional texts, use of graphic resources in written communication, planning and carrying out projects, putting into practice strategies for learning to learn...".
The aim of including robotics in schools is to generate authentic and fun learning, with active participation, in real, live environments. Interdisciplinary learning that is suitable for use both at school and in young people's leisure time, with rewarding results, using the latest open technologies and with costs that do not represent a barrier for a large part of the population.

Robotics and technology as solid knowledge

In today's world, a sound knowledge of technology is essential for success in most aspects of life. That is why at Coruña British International School we want to ensure that our pupils understand new technologies and how and why to use them safely and effectively. When used correctly, they can be an excellent resource for learning. The use of technology in school is always for educational purposes and is supervised by teachers at all times.

Artificial intelligence and the mass robotisation of jobs are transforming the labour market, both in terms of qualifications and the quantification of jobs. How can we not prepare our students for the 4.0 revolution?


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