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GaliPark, an outdoor learning adventure

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Year 4 pupils have an unforgettable outdoor learning experience as part of The Journey programme.

Our Year 4 class went on an overnight trip as part of ‘The Journey’ programme, an adventurous outdoor learning experience. For some of them, it was their first time sleeping away from home and they were a little scared. However, the experience turned out to be incredibly fun, and they are looking forward to the next Journey trip.

An adventure that began with a long bus ride that lasted an hour and a half, and served to bond with their peers. Amidst chatter, laughter, songs and games, they arrived at their destination and the adventure began!

One of the first activities was the zip line. ‘It seemed exciting, but also a bit intimidating. I felt a pang of fear as I prepared to take the big leap, but once I took the plunge, it was the most exhilarating experience of my life. I screamed with joy the whole way down, feeling almost like a bird soaring through the sky. It was amazing’, explains one of the Year 4 students.

When the sun went down, the teachers had organised a night-time gymkhana in the forest that was as spooky as it was fun, where the students had to follow clues to find the teachers, who were hidden away. The thrill of the unknown and the joy of working together as a team to solve the clues made it an unforgettable experience that they are looking forward to repeating in the future.

On the second day they enjoyed a challenging kayak outing. Even though the water was cool, they couldn't resist taking a dip between races. ‘This kind of outdoor learning taught me the value of teamwork and perseverance. We had to work together to navigate the kayaks, and it was a perfect mix of fun and learning’, adds another student.

The trip came to an end, but not without some great lessons for the Year 4 students at Coruña British International School. ‘This trip has taught them a lot about nature, friendship and going beyond their own limits. The whole experience was full of awe and wonder. They learnt that stepping out of your comfort zone can lead to the most memorable and enriching experiences. They made new friends, tried new activities and discovered many things about themselves and the world around them. The value of outdoor learning was evident in all the activities, from zip lining to kayaking. It taught them resilience, courage and the importance of supporting each other’, said Mr Desimpelaere, the “The Journey” Lead at CBIS.


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