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Beach clean-up day as part of our 4 Houses, 4 Causes Campaign, committed to education in values.

At Coruña British International School we are committed to educating our students in the broadest sense of the word. Not only do we deliver a comprehensive and balanced curriculum, the English National Curriculum, which prepares the children of today for the challenges of tomorrow, but we also aim to develop our pupils as global citizens able to shape the world.  

We do this through our school values, but also by following the traditional House System as the backbone, a key tool in our education in values that fosters teamwork, leadership, a sense of belonging to the community, and also the social and environmental commitment of the entire educational community. 

4 Houses, 4 Causes 

At Coruña British International School our House System is the main ambassador of our education in values, through our 4 Houses, 4 Causes campaign. Each of the four Houses is linked to an NGO, and during the school year we implement different initiatives and solidarity actions aimed at raising awareness in our community and supporting our global and local environment.  

The latest initiative as part of this campaign was the beach clean-up day held this June on Sabón beach. Pupils from Year 3 to Year 6 travelled to Sabon beach in collaboration with WE Sustainability to carry out a beach clean-up. The children worked hard to collect all the rubbish, with York House winning on this occasion, with 14.6 kilos collected, although the total amount of rubbish was 36.81 kilos. Working as a team and with these actions we can make the world a better place. 

Committed community 

Thanks to the commitment of parents, family members, teachers and non-teaching staff, the school raised more than 1,800 euros for Educo during the School Summer Fair, an organisation that helps families in need by giving dining room grants to those who need them most. Thank you all for your solidarity! 


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