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Secondary School

Secondary school curriculum at Coruña British International School

At secondary school students begin to acquire and develop the critical, analytical and rational thinking skills that enable them to achieve their academic goals and become responsible and proactive members of society.

Challenging for success

Next September the oldest pupils in the school will start Year 9, the equivalent of 2nd E.S.O. in the Spanish education system.  Building on the foundations of both academic and personal development achieved during primary school, students will be encouraged to refine their critical, analytical and rational thinking skills, and to embrace the next phases of their academic education with confidence and enthusiasm.

Secondary school curriculum

At secondary school, an education in values continues to form an integral part of our curriculum as our students begin to mature into confident, responsible and ethical young people. The English National Curriculum is structured in such a way as to encourage excellent academic progress, self-motivation, hard work and perseverance, and students continue to develop their communication skills in English, Spanish, French and Galician.

We believe that responsibility and self-discipline are essential tools for the personal and academic progress of all the young people under our care, and students are provided with many opportunities to develop these skills throughout the secondary stage.

In addition to the subjects below, students are able to sit Cambridge University language exams to demonstrate proficiency in English.

Guidance and support


Students following the Secondary curriculum at Coruña British International School will receive support and guidance from specialist staff throughout their secondary education. The school supports each student’s individual learning pathway to ensure that every child is able to reach his or her potential.  


We believe that responsibility and self-discipline are essential tools.

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