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Coruña British International School

Primary classes at Coruña British International School

During primary school we focus on providing children with a secure foundation in literacy and numeracy, in addition to working on personal and social skills. 

Children learn in a positive and stimulating environment and are taught how to work effectively in teams and groups, learn how to study on their own, how to listen and concentrate, solve problems, make decisions, take initiative and learn about responsibility and cooperation.

Life beyond the classroom

As students progress through the primary stages, they begin to attach more importance to friends and outside activities. We offer a wide range of extracurricular activities that children can take part in depending on their interests.

We pride ourselves on having a close relationship with the parents of our students, and communicate regularly to ensure that each child is fully engaged in lessons and achieving their full potential.

Primary school curriculum

Primary school covers Key Stages 1 and 2, which are evaluated with standardised tests at the end of each stage. In addition, we work to develop the foundations laid down during early years classes, focusing on the following areas.

Multilingual learning


English is the main language used throughout the Primary School students' day. At the same time, they are strengthening their Spanish and Galician with daily lessons. In Year 5 they begin to learn French as their fourth language. Other languages are possible during the after school Extra Curricular Activities. 

Dedicated attention

Each student in primary school has a dedicated class teacher. This system is designed to create a secure and stable learning environment and ensure good communication with families. Class Teachers help with the development of study plans and problem-solving strategies to manage any issues arising in or outside the classroom.


Throughout the primary stage we consolidate personal and social skills.

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