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Coruña British International School
Early Years

Early Years at Coruña British International School

The Early Years stage corresponds to the infant education stage in the Spanish system and is a key developmental stage, forming the foundation of your child’s educational journey. In the English National Curriculum we focus on linguistic immersion in English, plus artistic and musical activities, emotional intelligence and creative play. At this stage of their education children develop emotionally, physically, socially and cognitively. Each student’s progress is individually monitored and children are encouraged to work at their own pace in a friendly, supportive and stimulating environment.

The home – school connection

We believe that a strong and positive home-school relationship is essential to your child’s progress and well-being, and so we work closely with parents and families to guide our students along their educational path. Students learn and grow in a caring, happy, family-friendly environment, surrounded by wonderful teachers, whose principal aim is to cultivate a passion for learning that will last a lifetime. Our students always look forward to Monday morning!

Early Years curriculum


The Early Years stage provides the foundation upon which a child’s education is built. Our students learn through play, building relationships and experimenting through a variety of fun, interactive and practical activities. 
At this age, children acquire and develop their motor skills, improve cognitive function, learn about their physical abilities and take part in a wide range of creative and practical activities. Music and swimming form an important part of the curriculum at this stage.
Children grow as individuals, developing their unique and distinctive character traits and take their first steps of a journey of learning that will last a lifetime.

Multilingual learning

Immersion in English is key throughout the Early Years, and quickly becomes habitual for your child from the moment they join the school. Numeracy, literacy, play-based activities, music, and art are all delivered in English. This relaxed and natural approach to learning English fosters a positive attitude towards learning language in general, and engenders curiosity and interest in other cultures. From Reception Class, children also begin to learn the Spanish language. 



Using technology

We integrate technology into the classroom from early years onwards. Students are introduced to programming and coding in a simple way, and teachers use a range of ‘edutainment’ activities and games to explore technology in a constructive way.  

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