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Coruña British International School
Mission, Vision & Values

Our educational mission and vision

Our mission is to...

prepare students to shape tomorrow through excellence in British education, with a global perspective.

Our vision is to...

equip students with the tools they need to thrive, overcoming the uncertainty and accelerated changes that the future holds.

Key principles

Our teaching is underpinned by four key principles. These are:


We believe that a great education enriches a life.


We believe challenge is both a fact of life and a vital catalyst for growth.


We believe every student has the potential to shape a better future.


We believe success takes many forms.

A values-based education 

Learning lifelong values and developing a moral compass are key building blocks of our educational programme and an integral part of the academic, social and personal development of our students at every stage of their education. We live our values every day, both in and out of the classroom. Our values-based education teaches students the importance of:


Nurturing the power and sense of responsibility of the individual to make their own judgements and act according to their own values and principles.


An inventive and creative spirit that confidently envisions new and different futures and ways of doing things.  


The belief that a great education entails a wide breadth of experience - both academic and extracurricular - creating a rich context of knowledge, and the conditions for personal exploration. 


A feeling of connection with history and a respect for valuable heritage, embodied in the distinctive rituals and symbols of school life - with a forward-looking tone.  


The global currency of the English language, combined with a British international outlook, rooted in a long (and often problematic) history of global engagement and influence. 


A fundamental respect for the status and dignity of others of all backgrounds, manifested in everyday aspects of good manners and discipline.

Self Possession

Emotional regulation, calm and confidence rooted in mindfulness and self-knowledge. Instilling authenticity gravitas.


Creating an environment of managed challenge that stretches students beyond their comfort zones, contains the risk of failure and teaches resilience and confidence.

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